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Where to buy gluten free asafoetida powder

asafoetida The plant sap is a plant that leaves the root or stem of the stem or cut off the stem of the anchovy producing herbs from the collar of the plant and is obtained during the summer and is offered in two ways in the market. A type that is said to be teardrop is very clean, dust-free, and its outer color is reddish-brown or clear. The size of the hazelnut is either slightly larger or smaller, or in the dimensions of the chickpea, the color of the white section is quickly oxidized and darkened in the vicinity of the air; and the other type that is marketed in the market is said to be mass collected carefully It is mixed with dirt and leaves, and is poorly balanced. Taste asafoetida In some species bitter and odorless, like garlic odor, has a bad smell and a sharp gluten free asafoetida powder It’s easy to do .

The method of taking this plant is orally, steam and steam to help treat nasal congestion and bronchitis. The powdered gum is from 0.3 to 3 grams per day in 3 times, and 2 to 4 liters per day in the form of dexamethasone, 0.2 grams of tablets are 2 to 5 per asafoetida in the world growes in iran .

Where to buy gluten free asafoetida powder

Is asafoetida gluten free?

Is asafoetida gluten free?asafoetida with rice flour has a delicious flavor . Asafoetida A plant with a very strong smell, which is used extensively in India Asafoetida It has many medicinal properties.

Asafoetida It is very effective for the treatment of constipation.

In traditional medicine, it is used as a gastrointestinal enhancer.

This plant is the stimulant of sexual force.

asafoetida flavor It has the properties of the skin and it is useful in lowering blood pressure and treating cardiovascular diseases.

 Used to treat rheumatism and gout and sciatica.

Asafoetida can be mixed with a variety of foods, such as vegetables, rice and meat. Spicy perfume Asafoetida when it is mixed with hot oil, it becomes smoother. A little powder Asafoetida with other spices can be added to legumes or meat.

Asafoetida a kind of wild medicinal herb. This plant, which is one of the most important export items in Afghanistan, is located in the mountains of Afghanistan, especially in the capital of Afghanistan and in the northeast of Afghanistan. About two decades ago, the plant was severely reduced due to over-harvesting and even near-extinction, causing some people to be deprived of their income.

Best asafoetida in the world grown in Iran

Best asafoetida in the world grown in IranThe plant Asafoetida has been identified in Damghan, Balochistan, Khorasan, Shahroud, Miami and Sabzevar and in Zarin Dasht-i-Fars, and Asafoetida Khorasan is the best kind of Asafoetida in Iran.

Gluten free Asafoetida Powder for Wholesalers

Gluten free Asafoetida Powder for Wholesalers where to buy asafoetida powder?the price per kilo of the plant Asafoetida is 140 thousand tomans, which is expected to cost 14 million tomans per hectare to the exploiters.

The Dena velvet slopes, adjacent to the thousands-year-old oaks, dense forests of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad, cultivate 475 species of medicinal plants, which have been the source of pain for the peoples of the land for many years.

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How is asafoetida produced?

How is asafoetida produced?Seeding is done in two ways

1- Direct seeding:

In the closed holes for operation Asafoetida which is given by a dash in the place of the holes and three to four seeds are planted and covered with soil. The good thing about this is that the holes are a storage area and more moisture is available to the seed and plant.

2. Spray seed

This method is performed on a ground that is not too tight and the seed should be uniformly spread on the ground, so that the plant density can be prevented after emergence, as well as not very tilled. The humidity is 70-60% and the temperature is 15-12 ° C suitable for germination. The planting time should be better before the rainy season

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