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pure asafeotida crystals

Pure Asafeotida Crystal Cost In India

Pure asafeotida crystal cost in India is at good price. Asafoetida is famous for often in Indian cooking. Hence, with legumes and dishes featuring vegetables such as cauliflower. While on its own, the smell may strike you as overpowering and somewhat unpleasant, in cooking it mellows out and produces a flavor similar to onion and garlic.. Contains asafoetida microfine powder, wheat and rice flour, gum arabic.

Ferula asafoetida is herbaceous plant of the umbelliferae family. It is oleo gum resin obtain from the rhizome and root of plant. This spice is use as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment and in pickles. It is use in modern herbalism in the treatment of hysteria. Furthermore, some nervous conditions, bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough. It is at one time employ in the treatment of infantile pneumonia and flatulent colic.

pure asafeotida crystals

The gum resin is antispasmodic, carminative

The gum resin is antispasmodic, carminative, expectorant, laxative, and sedative. However,the volatile oil in the gum is eliminated through the lungs, making this an excellent treatment for asthma. Pure asafeotida crystals from Elisso Sky is best quality. The odor of asafoetida is impart to the breath, secretions, flatus, and gastric eructations. Its properties are antispasmodic, expectorant, stimulant, emmenagogue and vermifuge.

Asafoetida is also use as a sedative. It also thins the blood and lowers blood pressure. Hence, It is widely use in India in food and as a medicine in Indian systems of medicine like ayurveda. Asafoetida name is in great esteem among indigenous medicines, particularly in Unani system from the earliest times.

pure asafeotida crystals

Today many people prefer to use medicinal plants

Today many people prefer to use medicinal plants rather than chemical drugs. Ferula asafoetida Linn: Asafoetida, the gum resin prize as a condiment in India and Iran. It is obtain chiefly from plant Ferula asafoetida. The Latin name ferula means “carrier” or “vehicle”. Asa is a latinized form of Farsi asa “resin”, and Latin foetidus means “smelling, fetid”

If use with sufficient moderation,  asafoetida enhances mushroom and vegetable dishes. Perhaps can also be use to give fried or barbecued meat a unique flavor. Ancient texts describe it as hingu and several centuries of its constant use have bestowed upon it the peculiarity of a tempting spice and trusted medicine. Hing is bitter and pungent in taste and light, sharp, unctuous and hot in effect

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