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Iranian Tragacanth Export Prices

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades. Gum tragacanth USP is one of the oldest drugs known, widely used in pharmacy and industry down through the ages. It was described by Theophrastus several centuries B.C. It is official in many pharmacopeias throughout the world.


Tragacanth Production:

Tragacanth is derived from the genus Astragalus and commercial gum is obtained from several species of this genus, which consist of thorny shrubs thriving best in semidesert localities. Ribbon tragacanth, also called Syrian or Persian tragacanth, is produced principally in Iran.

This gum is considered the highest grade on the market. Smyrna gum usually is in the form of flakes, broader and thicker than the ribbons and more opaque and darker in color. This type of tragacanth originates mostly in the mountainous interior of Asia Minor.

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades

Tragacanth Quality:

Source of a high quality gum tragacanth used as a thickener in confections, salad dressings, sauces etc. It is an approved additive to food and has the E number . Some of the gum exudes naturally from the root and from damaged stems, more can be obtained by incision of the stem about 5cm below ground level. he gum obtained from the root and stem is demulcent, though it is not often used internally because it is not completely soluble. This gum has recently been shown to stimulate the immune system and to suppress tumours. The gum has long been employed externally as a dressing for burns and is also used in lozenges in order to bind the ingredients and impart consistency to the product.

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades
Gum Tragacanth

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades:

Gum tragacanth is obtained from the stem . It has a wide range of uses including:- a thickening agent in preparing dyes for calico printing, textile dyes and for dressing fabrics, it is also a thickener in making glues, water colours, ink (where it supplies a gloss), it is a binding agent in paper making, a culture medium in laboratories etc.

Iranian Tragacanth Gum Exports/Trades

Both the stems and the gum can be burnt as a fragrant incense. This species is not hardy in the colder areas of the country. It tolerates temperatures down to between -5 and -10°c. Whilst it is likely to tolerate low temperatures it may not be so happy with a wet winter. Plants are intolerant of root disturbance and are best planted in their final positions whilst still small. This plant is a sub-shrub and although it produces woody stems these tend to die back almost to the base each winter.

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