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High quality Tragacanth Gum powder with competitive price

High quality Tragacanth Gum powder with competitive price, it is easy as A B C to find the lowest prices of tragacanth gum powder. just keep contacting with us!

Maybe you will come across a big question.

How to buy High quality Tragacanth Gum powder with competitive price

Is it your question?

All day long our team is ready to answer your questions around how to buy or how to deliver the product. As you know, these days internet and social media are the best ways to get clear information about every things. So try it now! Just take the phone and call us:)

Here you can see some ways of contacting with us:

Maleki Commercial Co Contact Ways:

Mobile Phone For Abroad Request: +989144190785

Mobile Phone For Domestic Request: +989025791893

Phone Number : +987136484519

Fax Number: +982189771602

Telegram Number: +989332290024WhatsApp Number: +989395911136


Site Address:

Site Address:

 High quality gum tragacanth powder description:

  • Name: Tragacanth gum
  • Purity: 99%
  • Appearance: White or yellow-white powder or translucent flakes
  • Package: Available for different kinds of packing per customer’s request

History of Gum tragacanth:

Gum tragacanth has many industrial uses, including cloth finishing, calico printing and waterproofing of fabrics. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, dating back several centuries before the

using gum tragacanth in printing paste

Christian era. In folk medicine it has been used for a laxative, persistent cough, diarrhea, and as an aphrodesiac. Modern pharmaceutical uses include an adhesive agent for pills and tablets, and for emulsifying oil droplets in lotions, creams and pastes. Its superior water absorbing qualities make it an excellent thickening agent. Gum tragacanth is used in many everyday commercial products, from cosmetics and toothpaste to jellies and salad dressings. At one time it was the primary thickening agent in Corn Huskers Lotion. It is also used in syrups, mayonnaise, sauces, liqueurs, candy, ice cream and popsicles.




Cuntact Us:
Site Address:
Site Address:
Telegram Number: +98 933 229 0024
For Export Sales Request: +98 914 419 0785
For Domestics Request: +98 902 579 1893
Phone Number: +98 773 763 5191
Whats App Number: +98 939 591 1136
Fax Number: +98 21 897 71602

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