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Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan

Galbanum essential oil buyers in Azerbaijan are very large in numbers. Azerbaijan is so close to Iran. So exports for Iran is easier than other countries for them. Therefore,Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan is exporting their needs from Iran. In addition to vicinity, all the people all around the world know that Iran has the best Galbanum Essential oils. In traditional medical Galbanum essential oils were using for arthritis and pains. But there is a special type of Galbanum that is using for Aroma and perfumes. but traditional uses of them are still useful. using Galbanum oils is the best way to cure the pains and disorders with natural oil.

Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan

Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers uses

Galbanum essential oil buyers are too much in all countries. There are almost four groups of galbanum essential oil buyers:

  • The people who needs these oils for exports.
  • buyers that need them for their productions like perfumes.
  • Oil buyers that buy them to cure their pains with natural methods.
  • The last item is the people who is a supplier in herbal shops.


Also using these Essential oils are good for massage and Spa. The most of  Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers are using them in their saloons. Also the major use of Galbanum Essential oil is for Perfumes.

Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) is a giant fennel

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) is a giant fennel-like plant native to the Middle East and Asia. Plants grow plentifully on mountain slopes and produce an aromatic resin that is both musky and green in scent. Galbanum resin can be steam-distilled to produce essential oil which is use in some cosmetics and fragrances. Historically, Galbanum resin is also use to dress inflame and abscess wounds.

Galbanum essential oil has soothing, strengthening and relaxing properties. It is particularly effective at balancing the emotions, especially when used in massage. Furthermore, helps to promote relaxation and soothe  tense muscles.Organic  Galbanum essential oil is a viscous liquid with a pine-like top note. Therefore,it possesses an intensely green, fresh leafy odor with a dry woody back note of balsamic, bark like character.

Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan

Galbanum gum is gain through scratching

Galbanum gum is gain through scratching the base of its stem which is place in soil. Hence,there are two kinds of galbanum gums: For extracting galbanum gum, the soil around the stem base of the plant is remove and the base is cleaned, Moreover then, split the area whose distance to collaris 3 centimeters. Another alternative is to cut the stem of the plant. A sap exits in the place of split and it solidifies after some days. The sap is collect and then another split is create.

Galbanum Essential Oil Buyers In Azerbaijan

Galbanum useful Wild plant

Galbanum is an oleo-gum-resin, famous since ancient times. Hence as incense and perfume with a fantastic history, odor, and chemistry.Furthermore,  an antiseptic, uplifting and anti-aging application and a pleasure to incorporate in blends and healing perfume.

Galbanum comes from Iran India and  Turkey. There is the soft resin  ‘Levant’ that is a very viscous product. Seems like like thick honey from SW Asia and the Middle East. Therefore,the hard resin called Persian Galbanum.

It is in flower from May to June, and the seeds ripen from June to August. The flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by flies. The plant is self-fertile.  The plant soil must be well-drain. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires a rather dry soil.

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