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tragacanth goond gum

tragacanth acts as a thickening agent to impart proper mouth feel and stability Since the gum has good acid resistance, it has been used in candy cream centers containing natural fruit and acid.

Asafoetida Suppliers |The Best Asafoetida Sellers 2019

Asafoetida is a gum resin from a family of giant fennel mostly associated with Western and southern cuisine of India .It has a bad and offensive smell when it's raw similar to rotten garlic but when cooked,it has the smell and taste of onion or garlic which is a realive to those who have problems digesting them or simply don't want the bad breathSince it's an Indian spice the majority of asafoetida suppliers are concentrated in India or Iran and Afghanistan but with the help of online shops it is super easy to find asafoetida for sale from online bigger supermarkets and Indian spice stockists usually called Hing. 

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