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Asafoetida Suppliers |The Best Asafoetida Sellers 2019

Asafoetida is a gum resin from a family of giant fennel mostly associated with Western and southern cuisine of India .It has a bad and offensive smell when it’s raw similar to rotten garlic but when cooked,it has the smell and taste of onion or garlic which is a realive to those who have problems digesting them or simply don’t want the bad breath

Since it’s an Indian spice the majority of asafoetida suppliers are concentrated in India or Iran and Afghanistan but with the help of online shops it is super easy to find asafoetida for sale from online bigger supermarkets and Indian spice stockists usually called Hing. 

Asafoetida Suppliers |The Best Asafoetida Sellers 2019

How Asafoetida Grow?

How Asafoetida Grow?  This plant was firstly spotted growing by Western botanists in Aral desert and is native in Iran and Afghanistan. Some say asafoetida cultivation goes as far back as the 12th century. 

The plant self grows in sandy, well drained soils and is can grow from 6 to 10 feet in height and has plenty sheathed petiols and parsley like leaves. It takes years for the plant to flower but unfortunately it’s monocarpic which means it dies after flowering once. 

Asafoetida plant is tolerant to many consistencies of soil and PH that makes it easy to cultivate but it requires full sun and its growth is improved in cold, moist conditions. 

Best Tips For Asafoetida Suppliers

Best Tips For Asafoetida SuppliersAny person can become a asafoetida manufacturer with a comparatively small investment also the business doesn’t require a lot of space for manufacturing operation however you need to pay extra attention to product distribution. 

Hing is a food product and in starting the business asafoetida suppliers need to apply for different registration and licenses, once you have your brand name and trademark registration you should start thinking about your plant setup and machinery. 

You should purchase the process technology from reliable sources to ensure the quality of your product. 

The quality of asafoetida depends on its volatile oil content which provides its odor.

Overall an improved method of Hing manufacturing ensures a standard product and employs minimum use of water to provide long life.

How Asafoetida Is Made In Hindi?

How Asafoetida Is Made In Hindi?Heeng or Hing is the Hindu word for asafoetida that means devil’s dung or stinking gum or as some say God’s food. Asafoetida is an important condiment in Hindi cooking and medicine. Some Brahmins follow strict food rules and many of them don’t eat any garlic or onion. The reason behind it is that in ancient times there was no garlic or onion and people never ate them eventually this fact changed but many Hindus still don’t accept to have any garlic or onion in their food so asafoetida is a good substitute and is an important item in their cooking and also for medical use.

How To Use Asafoetida Powder?

How To Use Asafoetida Powder?Asafoetida powder comes in two forms: one as a brown powder which is the dried and grounded gum that is highly odorous and must be used very carefully. 

The other is the yellow powder that has a milder smell and taste because it has been diluted with flour or rice flour and turmeric but you should still use it scantily. Different asafoetida manufacturers temper it with different ingredients so always check the packaging for instructions. 

Asafoetida has the most flavor when you first fry it for five to ten seconds in hot oil and then this odorous oil gives the best garlic onion taste to any dish,whether it’s a vegetarian one or some barbecued meat.

You can also use organic asafoetida for medical purposes. Asafoetida powder or hot water extract of the root of it is widely used to treat bronchitis, asthma, whooping coughs or even hysteria. It is also believed that asafoetida root is antispasmodic, carminative, laxative and sedative. 

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